Sophisticated Strings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I arrange for Sophisticated Strings to play at my wedding?

A: You can either fill out the contact page of our website or call us directly at 423-631-2500 to check our availability. We need to know the date, time and location of your wedding. If we are available we will send you a contract. In order to reserve your date and time we require a 50% deposit. The balance will be due 2 weeks prior to your wedding.

Q: Do you play music before the wedding?

A: Yes. The most commonly requested package is our “wedding hour” service. This includes:

  • a 20 minute prelude while your guests are arriving and being seated,
  • the processional for grandmothers and mothers, bridal party and bride,
  • any music during the ceremony (ie: unity candle, meditation piece)
  • the recessional for the bride and groom, bridal party and mothers and grandmothers
  • a 10-15 minute postlude to finish the “wedding hour”.
Q: Can Sophisticated Strings stay after the Postlude and play for the cocktail hour/reception?

A: Yes, we are often asked to continue playing as many brides would like the ambiance of the string music to continue through the cocktail hour and/or reception. Sophisticated Strings also has a variety of “lighter classics” and popular music that would extend the mood and atmosphere of the wedding into the celebration time!

Q: Do you attend the dress rehearsal?

A: We have found that it is not necessary for our ensemble to attend the dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsals are mainly for the party to practice walking “in and out”, learning their placements and understanding the ceremony order. The professional musicians of Sophisticated Strings are well rehearsed and experienced in skillfully timing the music to the pace of those walking.

Q: Do we need to meet to discuss the music details?

A: Most details can be worked out over the phone or by e-mail. Included with our information packet, the bride receives a “Music Request” form where she can list her choices of music selections for each part of the ceremony.

Q: When will the processional music begin?

A: We only need a simple cue from your wedding director or a designated friend to signal that the Grandmothers/Mothers are ready to begin the formal processional. After the seating of the Grandmothers and Mothers, we play the bridal party’s piece and Bride’s piece in succession.

Q: What type of music do you recommend for the prelude?

A: The prelude music creates the mood for your ceremony. Some brides choose slower, calming melodies as the guests relax, while some brides choose faster, more upbeat pieces creating a sense of excitement and anticipation! Most commonly brides pick a variety of the two styles.

Q: I’m planning an outdoor wedding. Will Sophisticated Strings play outside?

A: We do play outside however due to our instruments we have certain requirements. We must have shade and there can be no precipitation. Additionally, we cannot have our instruments in temperatures lower than 60 degrees or higher than 95 degrees.

Q: Can you play a piece if it is not currently part of your repertoire?

A: Yes we can play pieces outside our repertoire if it can be found arranged for a string ensemble. If a string arrangement cannot be found we may be able to transcribe an arrangement for an additional fee. This will be contingent on being able to find the music and time needed to transcribe it for the ensemble.

Q: Do you need microphones?

A: In most situations, our ensemble can be heard without amplification. However, if you would like your videographer to arrange to have a “direct feed” into his video that would be fine.

"Music is the art of thinking with sounds."

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